The Alternative Steve Jobs - Apple's Creator


Many people were greatly saddened by the recent death of Steve Jobs, one of the world’s greatest innovators, ever. As we know, he died of pancreatic cancer, one of the most difficult forms of the disease. It has one of the worst prognoses of all cancers largely because it has few, if any early symptoms and has usually spread by the time it has been found. 

Steve Jobs lived with the disease for around seven years and shunned the conventional treatments preferring to go the alternative medicine route before finally agreeing to conventional surgery, according to his biographer. Steve stuck with acupuncture, drinking special fruit juices, “spiritualist” sessions and other treatments he found on the net. His official biographer Walter Issacson said this was a decision he lived to regret.

However, many people favour more natural remedies to various ailments and it may be an approach that has worked for you and that you would like to share.

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