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stockvault-euro-3d-text1129The newspapers seem full of complaints regarding the poor service customers get from their banks. I have been, for example, struck recently by the number of times Santander appears in the press concerning complaints but without, seemingly, making significant change. I am sure they are not the only ones and it occurs to me that we put up with far too much. The difficulty is that it is easy for them to ignore us. We are, after all, only one customer, probably with modest dealings with them and no matter how many complaints appear in the papers it is a long time before they mount up to the sort of lobby for change that they will notice.

I would like silverksnetwork to begin discussing these issues. It may be that if enough of us share a view or an agenda for change we could make a difference. Is that overly ambitious? What do we consider to be the most important matters for our banks to get right? Log in and register your views under coments on what you would like to change. Based on the number of hits this piece is receiving it is obviously something people want to discuss.

  • df4577

    Posted at 2011-11-29 18:07:10

    It is not only Santander that customers have problems with. We have just had a terrible 4 weeks trying to resolve problems with the Halifax and Bank of Scotland who apparently have now "demerged" but did not think to inform their customers. I know that we are not alone with the problems we experienced as in conversation with friends in the local area it appears that our experience is not uncommon.
    As we live in Scotland it now appears that there are no Halifax Branches north of the Border so trying to resolve problems with the Halifax can be almost impossible other than by very protracted costly phone calls.

    The "demerger" seems to have created major problems for both Banks in the form of wrongly recording data/information to set up accounts, ISAs and Savings Accounts etc. The removal of names from existing accounts and the changing of personal details without authorisation.
    My wife and I await the outcome of my formal complaint to both of them but we wont be holding our breath and I will be contacting the Banking Ombudsman.

    Customers may be interested to know that despite eventually acknowledging that the mistake was theirs the Halifax refused to apologise in writing for the errors its staff made. Something which the Bank of Scotland did not seem to have a problem with. Both Banks however seemed to think that the matter would go away with offers of compensation which whilst perhaps soothes the customers fevered brow does not solve the real issues with their systems and processes.

    I have now closed my Halifax accounts and if asked to do so could not recommend them as a company to do business with.

    Can we have a league table of Britains worst Banks?

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