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If, like us, you occasionally book flights on budget airlines, you will have got increasingly fed up with the way that they employ means to charge extra. In fact the price you pay often bears no resemblance to the headline price that caught your attention in the first place. We have found Martin Lewis' guide on this topic very helpful and in particular, his " flight Checker" Why not have a look for yourself by following this link

What tips and advice do you have. Write a note to let us know.

  • AndyK

    Posted at 2011-12-08 13:58:40

    I agree with all of this . Especially the extra charge for using Debit cards which go straight to their account. It is just unbelieveable. Howver I guess that it is still much cheaper to fly now than it was ten years ago, what else can we say that about?

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  • kegibbs

    Posted at 2011-12-06 22:00:16

    The cheap airlines stripped the cost out only to gradually re-introduce them as 'added extra's'. Very sneaky. What is equally frustrating is the queuing system that customers seemed to have introduced for themselves at the gates of all easyjet flights. You've got to the gate early, sat down and then before you know it, there's a queue stretching in to the distance. What to do - join the end or stand firm and ignore this British behaviour? What's worse is if you've paid for speeding boarding - the queue for this can often be longer than the normal queue. Despite being brought up to wait your turn, I'm not prepared to conform on this occasion.
    Does it really save easyjet a significant amount of money by not assigning seat numbers?

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