Lost Camera?

digital cameraSome years ago I had, what was for me an expensive camera, stolen. With it, of course, I lost the holiday snaps I had taken over the previous few days. It was an old 35mm Olympus. Losing the camera was bad enough but losing the snaps was highly irritating. I always wondered where it went. It was no surprise then that when I spotted an article on finding your stolen, or lost, camera it caught my interest. Having looked into it I thought silverlinkers would be interested in what I have found out. The is a web site called Stolen Camera Finder which can help, provided it is a digital camera that has gone astray. Unbeknownst to me, every digital photo taken on our cameras contains invisible data which includes the serial number of the camera taking the shot. By joining up to the site and downloading one of your previous photos taken on the same camera it can be tracked anywhere in the world if it is subsequently used. It is worth looking at the site and finding out how it works together with interesting testimonials. Just click on the following link   STOLEN CAMERA FINDER

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