Big is Back

stockvault-girl-with-headphones103477-1I am an avid listener of Radio 4. It informs me on all sorts of subjects that I wouldn't seek out for myself. Keeping up with the modern world and new trends is most important as you get older. The item I heard recently ticked all the boxes.

A new trend, as I now know, is for large earphones when out and about. Not the discreet variety we all wear lest anyone thinks we are actually using any. Apparently different earphones can enhance and improve the different genres of music, although the researcher on the programme freely admitted she could often not tell the difference.

The twist to this tale which really made me smile is that these large earphones are not always worn by the young for their acoustic qualities, i.e. their primary purpose, but as a fashion accessory!! Indeed many youngsters have several pairs with which to coordinate their outfits. Some actually wear them without their being attached to anything but merely to send out the message that the wearer is on trend and of the moment.

So. come on all you silverlinkers, get some headphones and the bigger the better, if for no other reason than to keep your ears warm this winter !!.

Gwyneth Gibbs 

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