Happy New Year 2013

nJuVHIcHappy New Year to all our readers. Silverlinksnetwork has now completed its first year of operation and it is our intention to bring in a few small changes. We are currently investigating how to give open access to the home page but then restrict access to further reading to subscribers only. Technically this is causing us a few problems but hopefully they will soon be resolved. We have had quite a lot of new subscribers as the Birthday article indicates but this new approach will hopefully provide more.


This year could be eventful on the political scene with the forthcoming debate on the European Union and our place ( or not ) in that, the ongoing issue of health care. We are still mystified by the lack of willingness on the part of Silverlinkers to express their views on the site. We can only assume that we have not been controversial enough and will be seeking to put that right.


New features we are working on will include a Good News section, especially as most news is bad. This might produce some more activity as many of us would like to read and share some nice stories instead of the usual depressing catastrophes that seem to pepper our days. We would be grateful top hear of your views on things that would encourage you to visit the site and perhaps contribute.


2013 will, as usual produce many unforeseen events and exciting opportunities. It is possible to influence the world around you but this is best done from a position of strength. This usually means the expression of views by large groups of people rather than individuals. This concept is at the heart of why the Silverlinksnetwork was formed and is still very much work in progress.

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